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Common Concerns about Breast Lift

Concerns about breast lift

Having performed hundreds of breast lift surgeries during his 20 plus year career, Dr. Ary Krau understands patients have many questions regarding the procedure. In this blog post, he addresses the most common concerns he hears from his patients.

My Results Will Look Unnatural

When performed by a board certified breast lift surgeon like Dr. Ary Krau, you should expect your results to look both beautiful and natural. Dr. Krau performs the procedure with your body figure in mind. He will reshape and reposition the breasts higher on the chest wall for a more youthful appearance that also complements your natural body curves. Before your procedure, he will thoroughly go over with you the technique and approach he will use.

The Procedure is Painful

During breast lift, you will be placed under sedation and anesthesia. This will minimize pain and make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you. Immediately following surgery, you will feel some discomfort, which should dissipate a few days afterwards. Dr. Krau will prescribe medication to help relieve any discomfort felt during your recovery.

Breast Lift Scars are Unsightly

While it’s true that breast lift surgery leaves scars, your surgeon’s expertise and your post-op care can help minimize their appearance. Dr. Krau uses a breast lift technique known as vertical mammoplasty, which involves making incisions around the areola and vertically down to the crease of the breast. This technique does not involve making the additional incision along the crease of the breast, which most surgeons make. By avoiding this additional incision, the approach results in less scarring. Following surgery, you will need to take proper care to allow your scars to heal, such as avoiding sun exposure and not smoking.

Breast Lift Alters My Breast Size

Breast lift does not increase the size of the breast. However, because the procedure removes excess tissue and skin, it may reduce the size of the breasts — but only slightly. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Krau will go over in detail with you the results you should expect.

Breast Lift Is Dangerous

Breast lift surgery has proven to be an effective and safe procedure for perkier breasts. But like any invasive procedure, it comes with inherent risks. The complications and risks associated with breast lift (though rare) include excessive bleeding and infection. Dr. Krau will discuss all possible complications and risks with you in detail prior to your surgery.

Learn More about Breast Lift

Do you have questions regarding breast lift surgery? Dr. Krau will gladly meet with you and answer them or address any concerns you may have about the procedure. Please schedule a personal consultation by calling (800) 664-9714 today.

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