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Does Breastfeeding Cause Sag in Breast Augmentation Patients?

Breastfeeding and augmentation

New mothers are often concerned about the appearance of their breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding. In particular, women who have undergone breast augmentation may wonder how their newly enhanced breasts will be affected, including whether or not their breasts will sag following nursing. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, Miami breast lift surgeon Dr. Krau takes a look at this concern in detail.

What Causes Saggy Breasts?

There is no one cause for breast sag (ptosis). Over time, the breast tissue, collagen and elastin break down, causing the breasts to sag. Weight gain during pregnancy stretches the breast skin, causing some degree of breast sag. Women also experience breast sag during the menopausal years; the glandular breast tissue is slowly replaced with fat, which can lead to droopy skin and saggy breasts.

Other everyday factors may also contribute to sagginess and a change in the overall appearance of your breasts. Research shows smoking is one of the biggest causes of ptosis because it breaks down elastin and deprives the breast skin of oxygen and nutrients. Lack of sunscreen and overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can wrinkle and damage the breast skin. Inadequate bra support can also hurt the breasts; recurring bouncing can put stress on the breast skin and collagen.

Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

Like during pregnancy, the breast skin also stretches during the nursing period, in this case because of milk production. Once a mother is done breastfeeding, her breasts tend to shrink in size. The stretched skin does not return to its original size and shape, and instead the excess skin droops and sags.

While women who nurse can expect a degree of breast sag, women with breast implants should know that they are not at higher risk. According to a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breastfeeding does not cause or worsen breast sag among breast augmentation patients. However, it is recommended women have breast augmentation only once they plan on not having any more children. Breastfeeding with implants is generally safe but there are some cases in which breast implants can interfere with nursing. For example, periareolar incisions (incisions made around the edge of the nipple) can disturb your milk ducts. If you are considering breast augmentation and plan on possibly having more children in the future, Dr. Krau can recommend an incision technique and implant placement that should allow you to breastfeed properly.

How to Get Fuller, Perkier Breasts

If you have sagging breasts due to pregnancy or nursing, Dr. Ary Krau can help. Dr. Krau is a board certified Miami breast surgeon who performs breast lift surgeries on women who seek to restore beauty and shape to their breasts. A breast lift surgery raises the breast and nipple to a higher position on the chest for a younger-looking appearance. For even more beautiful results, many of Dr. Krau’s patients decide to combine breast lift surgery with implants. The combination procedure helps boost women’s self-confidence with fuller, perkier breasts.

If you would like to learn more about your breast lift options, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Krau. Please call (800) 664-9714 today.

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