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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bras after Breast Lift with Implants

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After combination breast lift-breast augmentation surgery, your breasts need physical support more than ever. Choosing the right bras to wear during recovery is critical to your long-term surgical outcomes. To shed some light on the issue, Dr. Ary Krau shares important bra do’s and don’ts after breast lift with implants.

Do: Wear a Compression Bra during Recovery

Compression bras (similar to sports bras) put gentle pressure on the breasts to minimize swelling, pain and discomfort, and to reduce the chances of developing seromas or hematomas. Compression bras also help support the healing breast tissue and incision wound. Depending on Dr. Krau’s specific instructions, you will need to wear the compression bra for three or more weeks after surgery. It should be worn at all times, except when bathing.

Do Not: Wear a Bra that is Too Tight

After surgery, swelling affects breast size and shape. And, with the implants, your breasts will be larger. Anticipate these factors ahead of time when selecting your compression bra, and go up a size or two to accommodate your breasts. Dr. Krau can provide recommendations during consultation to help you find the right fit.

Do: Switch to a Sports Bra when Instructed

A few weeks after your surgery, Dr. Krau will let you know when you can switch from the compression bra to a normal sports bra. Continue to wear the sports bra at all times, even while sleeping (you can take it off when bathing).

Do Not: Wear a Bra with Underwire

After you have switched from a sports bra to a normal everyday bra, avoid bras with underwire for at least four to six weeks after surgery. The wire could rub against the surgical incision line, causing discomfort and interfering with the wound healing.

Do: Treat Yourself

After your breasts have completely healed, it’s time to enjoy your results! Splurge on a few beautiful bras that enhance your new bust line and make you feel attractive and confident. After your surgical experience and recovery, you have earned the right to spoil yourself.

Do Not: Guess Your Bra Size

Don’t play a guessing game with your new bra size. For the most flattering and comfortable bra, head to an expert to be fitted. Stylists at Nordstrom or a specialty lingerie store can help you find the best fit for your bust, and recommend bras to suit your lifestyle.

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