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Four Tips for Making Your Breast Lift Results Last

Make Your Breast Lift Results Last

When performed by a talented and skilled plastic surgeon, breast lift surgery can produce long-lasting, beautiful results. However, it is important to understand that while the procedure is designed to minimize the effects of aging and gravity on the breasts (i.e., sagging and wrinkling), it cannot stop the natural aging process entirely. Eventually the skin’s elasticity breaks down and glandular breast tissue is slowly replaced with fat, both of which changes cause breasts to sag or droop. Fortunately, there are several ways you can minimize these effects and help make the results of your breast lift last. Miami breast lift surgeon Dr. Ary Krau shares four simple ways to keep your breasts perky and youthful-looking

1.   Moisturize Regularly

Many women moisturize their face and hands regularly, but not their breasts. What they may not know is that the breast skin is as delicate as the skin on the face and hands, and should be treated as such. Moisturizing your breasts keeps the skin supple and promotes the production of elastin (the protein that keeps your skin firm and elastic). Just as important is applying sunscreen whenever the breasts are exposed. Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays damages breast skin.

2.   Don’t Smoke

Research has found that smoking is one of the major causes of breast sag. Smoking breaks down elastin, causing your breast skin to loosen. Smoking also dries the skin by decreasing oxygen supply and nutrients to the skin.

3.   Wear the Right Bra

Wearing an ill-fitting bra (or the wrong bra size) can work against your breast lift surgery. Your bra should hold your breasts in place properly as well as prevent them from bouncing. Too much bouncing puts stress on the breast skin and collagen and can contribute to sagging. The first step towards finding a properly fitted bra is learning your bra size. Many department stores and lingerie specialty stores offer free fittings. Learning your bra size is especially important if you decide to combine breast lift surgery with implants.

4.   Ask Questions!

The most satisfied patients are those who are the most well-informed. Do not hesitate to discuss with Dr. Krau any concerns or questions you may have in regards to your recovery or how to maintain your breasts after your recovery. He will provide a list of post-op guidelines and tips on how to maintain your results. Dr. Krau will also discuss with you possible complications and risks that come with the procedure (as with any surgery). Be alert to any problems and do not hesitate to contact Dr. Krau immediately.

For more information on breast lift surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ary Krau. Please call his Miami office at (800) 664-9714.

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